Exocolonist Beta Testers Needed!

We’ve started the private beta test of I Was a Teenage Exocolonist, and our first playtesters are kicking so much ass! If you’d like to join, swing by the Finji Discord, get your Exocolonist Fan role, and apply to be a tester on the #exocolonist-beta-opt-in channel. We’ll be adding new testers every couple weeks and working together to make this game the best it can be.

Also stay tuned for beta testing through Steam!

Second round of Guest-Illustrated Cards

Tomorrow marks the deadline for the #100exocards month-long art extravaganza! Here are this week’s cards (aka memories) going into the game:

Second round of guest illustrated cards – credits below.

Check out those Cals! And that gloriously goopy monster is a snapbladder!

The Spice Must Flow by jrpgdog
Working those Muscles by Gabi Toussaint (ElectroHex)
Camping Outside by Adrien Brégeot
Working those Muscles II by Vin Werneck
Making Out by Sita Duncan
Hurting a Friend by Sarah Mendonça
Trivia Champion by jubiboon
Smells Worse Inside by human person
Smart for my Age by Tim Ross
Meeting the Overseer by Sariel Snowings


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