Haad Salad

Is an attractive bay on the north-west side of the island.

Yesterday we decided to do some exploring so we packed up a couple of snorkle masks, picked a beach we’ve never been to, and headed off.

Haad Salad is supposed to be less built up than some of the other major beaches (haad rin, haad yao, haad mae had). But you could have fooled me. It was wall-to-wall resorts. Anyway it was still a very nice beach, and because of the season, it was pretty much empty.

The each trickles into rock up both sides of the bay (granite. this whole island is literaly granite and there’s no climbing!??). We decided to strole up past an interesting looking bar all stranded out past the beach and over the rocky shore to where the reef likely started.

Took, what I consider to be some really good pictures on the way. Although I noticed when I got home that they are all in black and white. Ooops. They’re still good but they would have been really good in colour. Well mostly the one with the guy fixing the boat was good but would have been really good. The boat is red except for the clean new wood, and the trees are all green and he’s on this colourful mat and god damn it!

Of well, so we jumped in off the rocks and… oh my god. One of the most beautiful places I have ever been. Reefs are beautiful. But reefs built on undersea rock-gardens are fantastic.

It was alot like a planned and tended garden. There where paths and variety and depth and shadow and all these little fish swimming around everywhere.

It was completely fantastic. And totaly our new favorite place to snorkle. We swam up to the point where the bay ends and there was a wall of 3 or 4 schools of little fish with a few bigger fish among them. And behind them the rock just dropped 10 meters into the ocean.

It was breathtaking.

Lunch kind of sucked. There’s this wierd little proto-town behind the wall of resorts which contains something like 4 restaurants, 3 nick-nack places, and one fruit stand.

Anyway no interesting places to eat lunch. At least we had it on the beach.

Also watched a Korean horror movie we picked up in Chiang Mai. Called ‘The Ghost’ and was very well made if having a fairly cooky-cutter plot.


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