Day of lazy

Fish! So Fish!Lazy day today. Started out sitting in the hammock reading while Sarah wrestled with some software for work.

We said hello to the jellies on our daily swim (I am slowly getting better at the front crawl). Once again there was no wind so I didn’t get to go kitesurfing (for the 20th consecutive day).

Saw a greater coucal out the front window early in the morn’. Which was neat. Read more about lenses. Which I have discovered I can spend a great deal of time doing.

Around mid-day we rode into town to check out a german place that brags about its bread. Also wandered into town to buy some stuff and finally take some snaps of Thongsala.

None of the pictures are great. The sun was very harsh and I didn’t really find any pictures that captured the place. In the interest of giving people some idea of what the biggest town on the island is like I posted the pictures to flickr anyway.

Flower in the wildI did miss an amazing picture. While Sarah was in a shop I went wandering between a couple of buildings to photograph some graphiti (picture didn’t work out) and I saw a cat on top of a fence staring intently into a tree. I walked the long way around behind the cat so I could get a picture of him and whatever he was looking at. I expected a myna bird or a pigeon. When I got around i saw it was a hawk! Just sitting in the tree staring back at him. I fumbled with my camera and managed to miss the picture. gah! It would have been fantastic! From this I learned: snap the first one without thinking and make the next one pretty.

Later while I was describing the missed opportunity to Sarah the hawk flew by, glanced off a window, and we had to duck as he careened over our heads and off into the palms. Of course I didn’t get a picture of that either.

So a day of poor photography somewhat mitigated by a side trip on the way home to a nice little bit of forest with big chunks of granite growing out of it. Pictures also posted. I got a bad picture of a butterfly in flight. Which makes me feel slightly better about my reaction time.


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