Anouncing Incredipede!


Sort of. Not really.


The game I’ve been working on for the last six months is going to be shown at the Sense of Wonder Night at the Tokyo Game Show! This will be the first public unveiling of Incredipede. Currently only a few friends and family have played it.

In keeping with this non-announcement there is no trailer, no screenshots, and no description of the game.

Stay tuned though. All will be made clear on Friday September 16th at SOWN! We’re flying to Tokyo!

In the mean-time. Contemplate this:


5 thoughts on “Incredipede

  1. You lucky devils!!

    Tokyo Game Show is gonna be awesome!!
    Is anything Rebuild 2 related going to be there??

    Seriously though-if Incredipede is anywhere near as quality as Rebuild and Rebuild 2 (from what I’ve played) then ill be playing that soon!

  2. Alan: It was called “Spruzel Sprouts” yesterday morning. Then yesterday afternoon I changed it to “Incredipede”.

    It’s going to take a little while for the change to ripple through.

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