It’s Raining!

Rainy Day
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This must be one of the last rainstorms of the season. There is a guy out in the water bailing out his longtail boat. We’ve hardly seen a cloud for weeks, and to be honest I missed the rain a lot. It makes such wonderful sounds on the roof and gives the ocean and amazing effect (although we haven’t been able to photograph the effect yet). Everything is so picturesque.

Looks like our job with the dogs is working; I would have expected all of them to come crowding up to the deck but we have only Brave (who is welcome) and Rope (the most stubborn one by far). I tossed Rope off a few times to give him the idea he isn’t welcome in our shelter, but he beat me back to the door both times and tried to squeeze inside. He’s upset about being wet, but I don’t think he sees the correlation.

We’ve heard that monsoon season has been so light this year that it hasn’t filled the resevoirs high enough. The same thing happened three or four years ago, and the summer after parts of the island were without running water for two months. We’ve enjoyed the good weather but aren’t looking forward to having to bathe in the ocean. Another reason we’re looking to be elsewhere when our visas expire in April.


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