Still here in Thailand. Not really up to much. Just enjoying living in a house next to the beach in a tropical paradise.

Gin and Tonics have become very popular. As have the hamocks strung all over various decks. Reading good as well as bad books (Pete’s book is highly, highly recomended. Write me an email for an online version if you haven’t read it)

The wind has finally provided. I have finished my kitesurfing course. Which has, perhapse paradoxically, perhapse inevitably, left me in a worse place than when there was simply no wind.

See now I have to rent gear at steep prices or buy gear at steep prices in order to chase the sport. Which I find amazingly fun. Which was basically inevitable. Tempted to buy the gear. There is kiteboarding pretty well everywhere after all. (including Tokyo, which is pretty high on the places-to-move-to-next scale)

Food continues to be good. We got a small bag of curry paste that is the base ingredient in various curries we have been preparing. All subtle variations of eachother.

So far the crush a bunch of peanuts curry is being slightly eclipsed by the throw in a huge amount of garlic curry.

Also found a place that sells decent bread and a place that sells decent new-zealand cheese. Which sews up breakfast and snack time.

Yes. Well when the most exiting thing in your day is the gin blind taste test (larios > gordons) you know that life is being extremely pleasent.


– The Apes


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