We are officially all set for Japan.

We have tickets to Tokyo arriving on April 15th. You can stay in the country for 3 months without a visa but you need tickets out and pre-arranged accomodation. So we also have our tickets home 3 months from now.

We’re renting a place in a shared house (gaijin house) in Tokyo for one month for 84,000 yen. Which is 840$ pretty easy currency conversion eh?

We’re going with Pierre to Kyoto for Golden Week in the last week of april. I am really looking foreward to this. Especially because Pierre is doing all the setup (thanks Pierre!).

After the month in Tokyo we might stay in Tokyo longer if we really like it, or, more probably, we’ll travel either way up north or way down south.

We’ve both wanted to see Hokkaido with its BC like climate and its ethnically and culturally distinct population. But hopping the string of little islands in the south would be fun and tropically warm. Which we have become fond of over the last several months.

Life without 28 degree weather and a beach? Uncivilized!


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