More of the same

Colin seys:

I tried to convince Sarah to write the book merchants an email explaining why they are losing business: if it is easier to steal your goods than it is to give you money for them you are doing something wrong!

Don’t count on people’s inflated sense of morals to make them go through tedious and unnecesary steps to get what is ultimately a crippled version of what they want.

You know why theft is easier than purchasing? Because theives care more about user experience than companies do. Companies, who have money, could work to make your experience a pleasent one but don’t. Instead the theives do it for free. Bit torrent is just an open-source solution to a problem the retailers refuse to solve.

In the end mabey this is just such a mess because amazon owns a patent on ‘one click’ purchases.

The Fucking world is broken and only the pirates are trying to fix it. Everyone else is trying to make it worse.


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