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As you can see from the last post, I’ve been spending a lot of time trying to download games. Still working on Beebleworld, but slower now. Looking to get it up online when we get back in BC, so I’ve still got another three months. In addition to playing games, we’ve been spending a lot of time online just drinking up the infoes. Lots of wikipedia, boingboing and friends’ blogs (yes I’m reading them!). I can’t believe how much time I have now to just read and think here. ^__^

Due to shortages, they’ve started cutting off the water except for a few hours in the morning and evening. We keep the bathtub full so we can wash and flush the toilet and so on. The wind is finally dying down for the year, but Colin got a few more “bonus” days of kiteboarding this week. He’s lighter than the average guy down there, which means he can get out in less wind, while they sit on the beach and drink beer and glower in jealousy. They’re a good bunch of guys though; and we’ve got invitations to visit them in their corners of the world someday.

We’ve discovered the most amazing coffee shop just up the beach: Starbugs. They have vegan food, western-style baked goods and – omg – a loose leaf tea menu! The lady who runs it is so nice and gives us sample treats and fusses about steeping times and picking the right tea for the time of day. She keeps a beautiful garden (technically her backyard) with covered sitting areas, where we sip our tea and espresso and nibble on muffins and listen to the rain all afternoon. It’s been stormy again after two months of blue skies, which we both agree is refreshing and reminds us of BC.

The local stray dog Momma (aka “Exuberance”) went into heat last week. Male dogs have gravitated to the area and fight over her day and night. One morning she came down to the ocean and brought a pack of seven dogs with her. Such drama! Brave (aka “Maurice”) and Ivy are all upset about it, but a tummy rub usually fixes everything. They’re growing into healthy, happy young dogs here on the beach, so I guess things are working out for them after all.

Colin’s folks are coming to visit us in just a few days (yay!!!), then in two weeks we’re off to Japan. Neither of us wants to leave Koh Phangan and all its tranquility, but at least the timing is right what with running out of water, wind and tide. Now we just have to figure out how to live on a beach like this for the rest of our lives.


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