Joining forces with Finji!

Big news: we are teaming up with our friends at Finji to bring I Was a Teenage Exocolonist to you!

Sol with the Finji stoat, by @bkomei

The Exocolonist team and I are incredibly stoked by our partnership with Bekah, Adam, and the rest of the Finji team. I’ve known them for many years and can’t emphasize enough how much respect I have for Finji as publishers, designers, and leaders in our industry.

Northway Games has always self-published until now, but I Was a Teenage Exocolonist is our biggest game yet, and merits this opportunity to reach a wider audience with Finji leading the way.

Bounce Weasel (an actual creature in our game now, based on the Finji mascot) by @neomeruru

To celebrate, the Exocolonist 2020 demo is live again this week on Steam. Try it out and wishlist the game here.

More changes are coming! We’re moving the Exocolonist Discord server to a channel on the official Finji Discord server (join us there!). And we have a new official @Exocolonist Twitter account for you to follow, run by our new community manager @HarrisFoster and the other good folks at @FinjiCo.

We’ll still be posting major updates here, but for more up to date goings-on, keep an eye on those and the other Finji channels!


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