Life since Livejournal

We dropped off this journal after Greece in 2012, but kept travelling continuously until 2015. We started travelling with friends more often, and I guess I wasn’t as lonely and needing to share our experiences. But we still took pictures! And I’ll continue to post them to our Flickr stream now and then.

So a quick (but by no means complete) recap:

After Greece in 2012 we stayed with relatives in Scotland, then six months in Mexico (first the Sayulita, then Yucatan) where we released our game Incredipede. In 2013 we spent spring in Montreal and New York, lived on a remote island in Bocas del Toro, Panama, then spent several months in Buenos Aires. In 2014 we lived in Brazil, roadtripped around our native British Columbia for a few months, then wintered in Cape Town, South Africa. We ended our five year world tour with a stay in Bali, Indonesia.

After our customary spring trip to GDC in San Francisco (which we missed only one year and regretted deeply), in 2015 we bought an apartment in Vancouver, and have been there ever since. Shortly after that I released my game Rebuild 3, then we dove into VR and released Fantastic Contraption with the Vive in early 2016.

And now, except for the occasional month in Tokyo or elsewhere, we’re mostly sedentary. Our addition to bulky virtual reality systems is part of that, but also we’re just happy to stay in one place for awhile and to have a real home.

Follow our continued adventures on Twitter: @colinnorthway and @sarah_northway, and on the Northway Games dev blog.


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