Maker Faire

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We didn’t bring our camera to the Maker Faire, assuming correctly that other people would take enough pictures of the cool stuff there, like this giant head made of old computer parts that was reciting Through the Looking Glass in a generated voice and showing ascii rendered tv shows on its monitors.

My office shelled out for tickets, which was cool because otherwise we might have been too lazy to make the trip and it was good to have people to go with. It was definitely worth attending; there were plenty of cool creations and workshops going on. Colin soldered together a little pacmanesque game. We witnessed terrifying mechanical beasts ripping apart helpless mannequins. We saw a story-high set of Tesla coils cook hot dogs. It was pretty cool.

The faire is put on by MAKE Magazine, but CRAFT was also well represented with a number of workshops (pin felting was very big) and a sewing swap where people brought bags of old clothes, tore them apart and made new ones out of them. We were very inspired to get on some more physical projects.

The streets of the Maker Faire were filled will strange vehicles, like the organ-mobile and homemade segway, and many more from past Burning Mans. Yes, people call this the lazy man’s burning man, or “nerding man”, but it may be as close as we get. Although there has been talk around the office of getting people together for Burning Man this year and building something, so you never know. ;)


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