San Francisco Pride

Photo by Kanaka’s Paradise Life.
(we haven’t been taking many!)

This city loves a party. Since May there has pretty much been one celebration or another every weekend. Bay to Breakers, a footrace across town started out relatively professional, with many of the runners in inventive costumes or in the buff, but a few hours down the line the race came nearly to a standstill and became a 12k long drunken, naked street party. It entered the park two blocks from our house and was probably the most drunkenness I’ve ever seen before noon.

Then there was Carnaval, the Haight Street Fair, and last weekend the Pride Parade. I found the parade particularly touching because of the number of newlyweds (same-sex marriage once again became legal in San Francisco last month; hopefully it will stick this time).

But we haven’t had all that much time for parties, as we’ve been working hard on Fantastic Contraption, which I’ll let Colin tell you about.

Oh, and I almost forgot – Pete and Leah came to visit which was rad. Yes – rad. We did a tour of The Rock, finally, and enjoyed many a fine alcoholic beverage with them. We’ll be seeing them again soon when we come through Seattle to the Isle of Van at the end of the month for James Mark’s wedding.


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