More Thoghts of Thailand

Time for bed. Good food and lots of not sleeping makes it come easily.

THoughts tonight are mostly of Koh Phangan. Looking at the pictures of Songkran I can’t believe that was two days ago. This place is so different.

I wonder when the idea that not living in the tropics is ‘rediculous’ will wear off. It’s so cold here and there is such a shocking lack of beaches. I assume in a while I’ll get used to living in temperate countries again. Or mabey I’ll just become one of those many many farangs who consider Phangan their second home. Or mabey I’ll want to be one of the farangs who makes it their first home. I’m surprised how much Phangan fit, or possibly defined, my view of the ideal life.

But then half of me has always pulled towards beach and sun and the other half has pulled towards gargoyledom (in the snow crash sense of the word). That’s why I’ll never be a really good geek. I spend too much time outside.

Mabey in Tokyo the gargoyle side will get a chance to shine. It better hurry up though before we move down south to the tropical islands that make up that southern bit of Japan noone pays any attention to.

In the mean time I’m left constantly marveling at the differences. Like no more spray hoses in the bathroom. Back to the barbary and waste of dry wiping.

At least as countries get colder the beer gets better.

update on malt’s: it’s mostly a kilkenny wannabe which is a guiness wannabe for the ‘guiness is too dark for me’ crowd. And I dislike guiness to begin with (they substitute ‘creaminess’ for flavor and advertising for aftertaste). Dark times when I find it easy to enjoy such a beer.

But then I had a Traquair Jackobite Ale (thanks mum and dad!) less than 24 hours ago so everything is bound to pale pale pale in comparison.


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