Northway Games and VR

We were recently featured by Made with Unity in a short film – a really beautiful vanity piece by Breakwater Studios, all about the Northways and our love of virtual reality. We spent a couple days filming with Ben Proudfoot and cinematographer David Bolen, and experimented with some neat VR / reality overlays. At one point we duct-taped a third Vive controller to a portable camera and used it for positional tracking for the in-game camera.

The results are so damn COOL!:

(my favorite shot is at 2:57)

We also did an interview for Made with Unity if you aren’t done gagging over how adorable we are. I’m so happy I’ve joined the project now and get to work with Colin again, but we can’t stress enough that Northway Games is only half of Team Fantastic Contraption, and that Radial Games have been here every step of the way, waist-deep in this surreal virtual reality world we’re building together.


One thought on “Northway Games and VR

  1. Hey Sarah!
    I haven’t checked out your blog in years, but now that I have, it’s great to see you really did jump on the VR bandwagon- and it’s a pleasure to see how far you’ve come along with it!
    Man, you guys are really on the verge of making something incredible here. With your top-notch creative talents put together to make something in the VR environment….just wow… I’m excited to see what you come out with. Keep motivated! See ya!

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