Rebuild 2: Sponsor Get!

Rebuild 2 + Dead Frontier: Synergy
Rebuild has been sponsored – hurrah!

That means it’s coming out very soon, and what better time than October, when everybody has ghouls and zombies on the brain. And things just got zombier, because my primary sponsor is another zombie-themed game: Dead Frontier, a free to play mmo where you battle the hordes in an extensive ruined city. It’s quite pretty (I think so anyway though I know some of you don’t share my appreciation for gore), and it’s a good example of the cool shit you can do with Unity.

The sponsorship bidding process was long and stressful just like with Rebuild 1, and as before I’ve been screwing things up left and right. I was wallowing in One Cup sake earlier and wishing I could hire someone to handle this business stuff. But alas, history has shown that partering with producers is more trouble than it’s worth, especially for a small game like Rebuild.

Plus, if I didn’t do it myself, I might miss out on fun marketing stuff like doing interviews and this blog, plus I like being credited as “Sarah Northway” rather than some faceless studio. Likewise it’s nice to deal directly with people, like Neil Yates of Dead Frontier and Daniel McNeely from Armor Games, who I’m happy to also be working with again.

So look for Rebuild 2 soon on ArmorGames and other fine gaming establishments!


40 thoughts on “Rebuild 2: Sponsor Get!

  1. Well that’s good to hear.Nice to know ill finally be able to play rebuild2 after honestly LOOKING everywhere for it i was even trying to find a leaked version from one of the testers :D

    Please make sure to give us a link once it’s up somewhere if you could.

  2. OMG!!! A Rebuild 2? That is excellent news. :) I am hooked on Rebuild (I refer to it as my virtual chess.) Lol I have beat the game on Nightmare several times on the 12×12 map, and am currently trying to beat it on the 10×10 map (on Nightmare.) No luck yet. Soon, I hope. Anyway, I am very excited to hear that there is going to be a sequel to Rebuild and can not wait to play it. Please do provide a link when it is available. Congrats to you Sarah for creating such an addictive and fun game! (Also, I take a lot of pride that one of my fave flash game was created by a Canadian.) :D

  3. Hello Sarah, I saw the first Rebuild over on Jayisgames about a year ago and became an instant fan and am really looking forward to the second one. After skimming over this site a bit it sounds like you’re not going to modify Rebuild 2 any further, but I actually have a lot of ideas about how you could improve on the original anyway. Are you considering making a Rebuild 3? Or, do you have the time or willingness to make any further changes at all to Rebuild 2 before its release? In either case, there’s a thread up over on Kongregate in which I have a long list of ideas to improve the game. If you think you’d be interested in getting some ideas you can check it out at I just posted it today, October 4, when I read about the second one coming out.

  4. I am a hardcore gamer and I have never been the least excited for flash games, except for this one. I have been checking this blog everyday for the littlest tidbit about the sequel, and waiting for the release. In the meantime I completed the original on Nightmare about 20 times… no kidding.

    Ya… I’m really happy and excited right now. Congratulations Sarah!!

  5. I’m really excited for Rebuild 2, I keep checking armorgames and kongregate awaiting it’s release lol. Loved the first one, but this one is going to be alot better it seems.

  6. I see it on Armorgames now woohoo :)

    It says that full screen is not available on that site, where is full screen available, do you know?

  7. I have anxiously been awaiting this game after spending countless hours playing the original Rebuild.

    I must say that after an hour or so of playing, I am highly disappointed. The game should be Rebuild 1.1, not Rebuild 2. So far, it’s just the original Rebuild with a few small new features and some different graphics in some areas.

    I’m going to give it some more playtime, but not very impressed with this version so far. Sorry Sarah. :(

    1. I hate to say it, but I’m with you Derek. I found Rebuild 2 a major disappointment. I played and beat the original on Nightmare countless times. I’ve played the sequel twice and don’t plan to ever play it again.

      1.) The Q&A interactivity was good.
      2.) The icon system for missions in progress was great.

      1.) The “Talking Book” music goes from atmospheric to annoying very quickly.
      2.) The scrolling from point to point on the map as missions were completed made me dizzy.
      3.) The conditions for completing some missions was annoying ambiguous. For example, I never could get the mad scientist to finish his research mission.

      Oh well, the game is done and hopefully other are enjoying it more than I did.

  8. Five days after I recruited this leader, two days after I reclaimed a church, he demands I let him go to preach full-time about how we survivors need to lay our guns down and let the next stage of human evolution devour us. The leader’s name? John Northway.

    *glares suspiciously*

  9. Played it! Not as scary as I thought! Nice game!
    BTW is ”Sponsor Get!” From minecrafts ”Achievement Get!” ?

  10. unfortunately I agree with the other criticisms. not so much a sequel as a small graphical update. vastly disappointing…

  11. Rebuild 2 is diffenently a step up from the first, but I have one major gripe about it.

    Why is the character I’m playing so damn insane about this Church of the Chosen thing? Can this be fixed so it’s the next leader I recruit, rather than MY character ruining my game?

    Aside that, I like it. I don’t think we needed the paper cutouts of the people, just a stat sheet with a logo representing what their career started out as, but I still like it.

  12. Fantastic game Sarah! I bet you can even make it into a full fledged stand alone game about humanxzombie survival soon. I love the new features, graphics and the music gets me totally inside the game.

    Congratulations, I love the replayability factor too bringing your old guys along to a new city. (And the dogs equipment! hahahah superb)

  13. Well I have played through the game 4 times now and here are a few random semi-drunk thoughts:

    I get to take 5 people with me to a new game? By far my most favourite feature in the sequel :). I feel very very sad when one of them dies after liberating 3 towns in a row from zombies (not sure how much of my grief comes from losing my best “Jack-of-all-trades” and how much from actually spending hours with him/her fighting for the survival of humanity side by side.)

    Is it just me or the game is a bit too easy? Nightmare was hard in the last game, usually I lost. Impossible in Rebuild 2 – so far feels “about right” it is not easy, yet I manage just fine. And another thing – for some reason nearly half the people who die are working in the lab, coincidence?

    I think a persons level cap should be 10+[item bonus], instead of the current 10. Quite a hassle to keep checking my 100 + personnel (on a huge map) for who is using a weapon that he/she does not need. In fact it got so overwhelming that I simply ignored items in general it was just taking too much time and the bonus was too small.

    Balancing food/living space feels much better than last game :).

    On Impossible a person who has lets say 4 in “soldiering” apparently has a lower danger rating than someone with 2 + 2 from a weapon. Is it supposed to be like that, or maybe I was imagining it?
    The heliport was a nice touch as was the subway, but the rest didnt really do anything. Oh and I do like that you finally made up your mind on what kind of a zombie apocalypse this was, in the first game I was confused if the culprit was magic or science.

    Customization was great, as were the level ups, but once somebody reached 10 I stopped using them for that task. Somehow I feel you did not intend it that way :). Although I guess the only other option would have been some sort of a percentage based skill system, not sure if that would have worked though.

    So I assume the Northway family are all prepared for the zombie apocalypse as I encountered quite a few in the game. I even named one Colin because he had the same beard… he died I am afraid. I think it was Scurvy :(. I am sorry.

    Well considering this is the first flash game I have ever waited for, meaning I hyped it up for myself, I was expecting a little more, not sure what really, perhaps having a “nation phase” after conquering the entire city and a “world phase” after that? I suppose if I am yearning for more at this point it goes to show how much I enjoyed the game. I suppose I must do it the old fashioned way – one city at a time :P.

    1. One thing I noticed is that if you simply load the auto save, then you will be brought back to before you clicked “end day [enter # here]”.
      Make sure that the auto save is from the current city you are playing in though.
      It was quite useful when my 7-city-saving leader Chuck Muldoon, Irish Extraordinaire suddenly died.
      also, who else traded a person they really didn’t like for rocket-launchers :D

  14. Great game, Sarah!

    Its definitely a different game from Rebuild1, and I gotta say I’m loving it! It was worth the wait!!!

    In addition to the vamped up vaccine/cure quest and easier take on city hall storyline, I’m really into replaying it for the new events. Y’know, the new death-cult storyline, the rival fort, and the helicopter sidequest. I’m trying to find out all the best outcomes or if completing them in a certain order produces a “hidden endings”. So far, I’ve been able to produce 4 endings.

    I thought letting my whole town partake in the church celebrations was an ending but ended up getting a game over screen!!! From 60 survivors to a dozen in a month!

    Will there be any more additions to this game in the near future? Can’t wait what will be next!

  15. I had an awesome civilisation and then I clicked on my fortified mall. I then clicked on the option that said ‘Send 5 people to another city’. It then deleted my game and I can’t get it back! <:(

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