Rebuild 3: Mobile Release August 13

EDIT: The Rebuild 3 mobile release has been delayed until August 27th. Details.

rebuild3devicesA cry rings out throughout the land: “We want Rebuild 3 on our phones! We want it on our tablets!”. From high in her tower in the City of Glass, Sarah Northway heeds the call.

“There will be a mobile version.” she shouts down to the gathered masses. “And you will find Rebuild 3 on the shelves of the Apple App Store and of Google Play on August 13th 2015.”

Then Sarah retreated back into her sky palace and was never heard from again. Some say she’s still up there, fretting away at her next project, some cross between Pokemon Snap and Railroad Tycoon… or was it a spiritual successor to Barcode Battler? A virtual reality Sim Ant?

We’ll just have to wait and see…


One thought on “Rebuild 3: Mobile Release August 13

  1. *tear* I’ve waited for so long. I can’t believe it’s happening. *emotional outburst (east Asian style)*


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