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In a post last year I showed an early version of the tech tree and explained why I’ve renamed scientists to “engineers” and tech to “research” in Rebuild 3. Since then I’ve changed how a few research projects work, added Preemptive Strikes and replaced Fort Policies with Survivor Management. Here’s how the research tree looks in its final form:


Zombies track:

Start on the left tree to kill zed more efficiently and reduce danger on missions.

Level Research What does it do?
1 Zombie Vitals 10% more efficient zombie killing – speeds up zombie killing missions
2 Basic Traps Craftable zombie killing building upgrade – kills 5 unmassed zed per day
2 Zombie Avoidance 25% less danger from mission distance
3 Disease Vectors Reduced chance of zombie bites – during random events
3 Anti-Zombie Armor 25% better zombie defense – lowers danger rates
4 Zombie Bait Draw in zed to a building – craftable from food, distracts mobs and roamers
5 Advanced Traps Better craftable zed traps – kills 10 unmassed zed per day
5 Fort Silence Fewer hidden zombies spawn beside the fort
7 Improved Defense Increase building defense by 1% per level, repeat

Buildings track:

Start on the center tree for more options in your fort buildings.

Level Research What does it do?
1 Construction Build bars, schools, churches, labs, etc
2 Watch Towers Defensive building upgrade – +5 defense to upgraded building and +2.5 to neighboring buildings
2 Generator Power 10% faster workshop crafting – this research is automatically granted if you repair a power plant
3 Bunker Towers Defensive building upgrade – +10 defense to upgraded building and +5 to neighboring buildings
3 Fertilizer Extra food from farms – also increases max food storage
4 Improved Walls Better fort-wide defense – +1 to all buildings
4 Irrigation Prevent drought – also increases max food storage
5 Advanced Construction Build and fortify 25% faster
6 Turret Towers Defensive building upgrade – +15 defense to upgraded building and +15 to neighboring buildings
6 Electrified Walls Improved fort-wide defense – +1 to all buildings cumulative with Improved Walls
6 Pesticides Prevent pests, extra food on farming missions – also increases max food storage
7 Improved Farms 1% bonus to food production per level, repeat

Survivor track:

Start on the rightmost tree for management skills that make your survivors stronger.

Level Research What does it do?
1 Survivor Management See happiness, relationships, and talk to survivors – allows awarding level perks
2 Signposts Attract survivors – in random events
2 Improved Teaching 50% more skill from training
3 Paramedic Training 10% better chance of injury instead of death – for all survivors
3 Improved Scouting Reveal further when scouting – reveals adjacent buildings
4 Searchlights Attract more survivors – in random events
4 Medkits & Medicine Craftable medicine in workshops – use medkits to instantly heal injuries
5 Fireworks Craftable entertainment – use to improve happiness
5 Doctor Training Extra 10% chance of injury instead of death – stacks with Paramedic Training
5 Spotting Spies Saboteur units become visible
6 Preemptive Strikes Less dangerous to attack enemy units – 30% less danger
7 Increased Skills Gain skills 1% faster per level, repeat

3 thoughts on “Rebuild 3: Research Projects

  1. The think you REALLY REALLY REALLY should explain is happyness system. How do church and bars work? What are those “+0.01 per day” made of? Does an active mission of bartend or preach make any difference? Please, Sarah, please please please!

  2. I cant understand the happyness system, please give some advice, or some tutorial, rigth now i cant find any effect of building bars, or putting leaders in there it just seem random, but i almost sure i just dont get it.

  3. Hi Sarah,

    My name is Stephen. I have two questions. First, is probably the most popular question you have gotten, whether you’re creating another sequel in the Rebuild Series. The second is a tech or research tree for each individual. Like, would it be possible to have a randomized skill tree to develop for each person inside the fort? I mean it would be based and developed off of skill level and experience, but it would add so much more uniqueness to the game in general. Is this a possibility?

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