Rebuild’s on sale. Why? #BecauseWeMay

Rebuild 99 cent saleThis weekend I and a host of other indie developers put our games on sale #BecauseWeMay. Last week Amazon had the same idea and put Rebuild on sale for 99 cents, and although I’m personally fine with whatever they do and it did make me money, I didn’t have the option to say no. Other platforms do the opposite: they set a price in stone and don’t let developers put their own games on sale. So #BecauseWeMay is an acknowledgement of those platforms (like the Apple App Store, Google Play, and Steam) that let developers choose their own prices. Super Office Stress took the message to heart and actually raised their price to 99 bucks.

In other Rebuild news, I’ve done a few more interviews recently, and wrote a postmortem where I describe the ups and downs of writing Flash games. All this keeps getting me thinking about a sequel…

But mostly I’ve been beavering away with Colin at Incredipede. I hope he’ll want to post something soon because it’s looking great!

EDIT: Amazon’s decided to feature/discount Rebuild again this weekend, so you can go get Rebuild for your Kindle Fire. How much will it cost? Only Amazon knows!


6 thoughts on “Rebuild’s on sale. Why? #BecauseWeMay

  1. I have bought and played this game, and right away I fell in love with it!!!!!! I can not stop playing in.. I cannot wait till another one is made, Im crossing my fingers that it will be very soon..
    Thank you for making a AWSOME game :-)

  2. Loved the interviews. Love Rebuild, and 2. I can understand how you are sick of zombies, but I’ve loved that concept for a long time now. I also love sim games such as sim city and stronghold. I have had this dream of my perfect game of rebuilding civilization for years with these two concepts and this is the closest I have ever come to finding my dream game, and its totally awesome. You did an amazing job, you got some of my money, and you deserve a lot more.

    I look forward to the next one if you decide to make it, (and hopefully you do)

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed this when it was a Flash game and was very surprised and excited to discover I could play it on my iPhone. Loved the new content and I definitely want to see more.

    Please create a kickstarter project for a new version of this game. You have a solid, growing user base that would be happy to support further development, which is something most kickstarter projects don’t have.

    And when you say you’re sick of zombies, please let me just cover my ears and shout, “nananana.” Seriously, though…the genre is developing every year and there are some very fresh ideas out there that could find their way into this game.

  4. I actually purchased the game during this very sale. I really like it too. However, I’ve run into a problem with it ever since the latest version (1.21). I’m using a Galaxy Tab 10.1 (GT-P7510 model) on Jelly Bean 4.1.1. It’s a CyanogenMod ROM but since most apps worked with it, I assume that there’s an issue with Rebuild itself.

    The game boots up fine but it always terminates after briefly showing the image of the cityscape logo after the “Loading …” notice. Deleting and reinstalling and rebooting my tablet does not help.

    Really wish I can play this game again at some point so here’s hoping that they’ll be an update soon.

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