Round five of #100exocards

Cards 40-50 of our guest card illustrations for #100exocards. I love the animals in this one! The innocent bristleslug getting its itchy berries plucked by a not-so-innocent Tangent. That lil caged hopeye in the Traveling Salesman.

And the fallen rock monster from Felling a Giant! We hadn’t ever drawn it before so it’s neat to have a visual reference for folks in the game now.

Fifth round of guest illustrated cards – credits below.
Xeno Wrangling Champion by alienmandy
The Proverbial Guinea Pig by Lance (artbyvalence)
A Native Hybrid by Jooyoung Chang
Leading the East Wall Defense by Tactician Tactless
Traveling Salesman by PigDemonArt
Cooking Snapbladder Surprise by Michelle Barros
Up to the Highest Height by Sean’nell
Getting Creative by Giulia Biazus
Genius Deduction by Blue
Felling a Giant by Eggsy Zhang


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