Seafood and Sunbathing

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Yesterday I had my first go at *squeaks* topless tanning!. Well yeah, we’ve seen ladies going it ‘european style’ on just about every beach, but to the Thais this is unimaginably rude (and illegal) behavior; misewell go take a shit at a shrine.

So we found a nice secluded beach near Thongsala to go swimming. It’s one of the few undeveloped beaches left on this half of the island, and the land is for sale, or rent or something. (Sure it’s way out of our price range, but its hard not to at least think about it.) We swam and played around the gorgeous big boulders there, and I’m now the proud owner of some borderline-sunburned titties!

Colin’s out kiteboarding again after a few days of no wind, and I’m back to the Beebles. The game is coming along steady but there is still so much to do; I’m worried I might run out of dev time before I get it to a showable state. At Colin’s suggestion I’m switching to a 100% Flash interface (admin tools are still in JSP). Flash Remoting’s kind of a dream to use; you can call Java functions and synch up ActionScript objects with your Java ones. I even found an open source connector (OpenAMF) to use instead of Macromedia’s pricy solutions.

Colin said the other day that he envies my ability to rewrite things. Usually I that’d be like saying I’m good at fucking up, but this game is such a learning excerise that it doesn’t feel like time wasted. Plus, jumping in without spending a month planning (which would have been the right move, obviously) means the project couldn’t get caught in the planning stage like so many things I do. ;)

Oh yeah and we added seafood to our cooking finally. The lady in this picture is picking out some prawns for us, that I foolishly left until the next morning to clean. Still turned out okay but I won’t make the same mistake next time. Today for lunch I made rice-cooker-curry; just threw it all in there together and let’er rip. Could have used some raisins but I don’t think Colin will agree.


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