Seattle to Istanbul

Rock the Fuck Out
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Alright. We are about to be off to Turkey and the Mediteranean!

We are leaving today from Seattle with my cousins Pete and Leah after a month of hanging out in B.C. Thanks to Micheal Bayne and Natalie for putting us up for a night in Seattle and showing us around. Their place is crazy. It used to be a kind of small theatre space so it has scuff marks all over the ground excepting a stage-shaped rectangle and it has theatre lighting on the ceiling! How do you top that? Sarah took the opportunity to get some fantasy shots in. We also played tag, did cartwheels and got in some office-chair curling in their huge space.

B.C. was pretty awesome. We have some good pictures that still have to make it online. Played some awesome 8 player starcraft games with the whole family! Is your family that cool? My Mum agressively expands to swamp out her opponents with hydras. What’s your Mum’s Starcraft strat?

We also went on a picture taking expedition for my cousin Ariel with the express purpose of finding some animals to take pictures of. Doomed cause right? Never happen. Well turns out we found a tiny salamander, various bugs and slugs (one of which ended up on Sarah’s nose), and a freaking Tree Frog! So massive success on that front. Pics to come.

Here is hoping that our flight to Turkey is equally sucesful and that no volcanoes get it into their heads that we won’t be flying today.

Pics for this and future legs can be found on flickr:


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