Still kickin it in Chiang Mai

So much to say! But I’m feeling kind of sleepy again (the cold) so I’ll have to save the ten-page whatnot for later. We rode elephants today! Yes, ever since Umut told me about it I’ve wanted to ride on an elephant too. And it was as cool as I’d hoped. ^_^

Day before, we went to the big fancy flower expo with Luke & Tabitha. It was pretty cool too; highlights were the giant orchid diorama contest and a temporate greenhouse that reminded us of BC. Also franken-flowerbushes and a big… thing… made out of gold leaves.

It was very cool hanging out with Lukitha… Taluka.. those guys. Tabitha’s Thai is quite good and made bartering/etc pretty fun. They knew where to get the best Khao Soi and Pad Thai, for the best prices too. Have I mentioned before, how cheap things are in Chiang Mai? At least food, clothes and market knicknacks.

It is quite a pretty city I think; reminds me of Vancouver in ways. Lots of trees, lots of little alleys and neat shops and restaurants that only serve a couple things.

So, we’ll probably be off on our way home before we post again. We took the plane over but will take the train back. Might stop in Bangkok to break the trip up, or save it for another time. Yay for having such freedom!


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