Hangin in the Mai

Hey all.

Hangin in Chiang Mai with Luke and Tabitha. Nice city. Everyone speaks poorly of Bangkok and everyone speaks favourably of Chiang Mai.

There is a royal horticulture/flower show on that has drawn a big number of people into the city. Hope to see it tomorrow.

We visited the famous sunday market, which was amazing. It was like the market in Wien*10. No exageration. Although the Chiang mai market had no second hand section whatsoever which was the coolest part of the Wien market.

Anyway, vast and varried.. sort of. There where bascially clothes and knicknacks for sale for kilometers. And while any given catagorie was reproduced ad-nauseium there was extremely little repetition of actual things. Very impressive. There was one section where a 1/2 dozen artists had all put out their work. Gorgeous vibrant stuff. I really really wanted to buy some but there are practical reasons I didn’t.

I took no pictures.

I am sitting in a huge mall that has > 5 camera stores. I am seriously considering spending far too much money on a new camera.

That is all.


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