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Turkish Indie Game Devs
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Stuff and People!

We’ve been doing stuff and meeting people. I was lucky enough to meet up with Ali a couple days ago and yesterday the local indie game devs organised an indie dinner! It was greeeat! The food and the company were both outstanding. I couldn’t believe the meal. Certainly the best we’ve had in Turkey. There were many courses of delicious food and they flew by way to quickly to eat it all. Not that there was any chance I could eat that much food. Good thing the Istanbul guys were there to put away all that food!

It was great to talk about games and how the industry works in Turkey and how we all hope it will work in the future. We were talking about how valuable local meetups are for indie crews to get together and share knowledge and enthusiasm. In fact it looks like the First Istanbul GameJam might be happening in the near future which will be rad!

The Indie dinner was definitely the hi-light of the last couple of days. Aside from that we seem to be striking out on our tourist missions. Topkapi Palace and the Whirling Dervishes were both way overpriced.

Wandering the streets just seems to get better and better though! We had another great meal in the fish market. And the maze of streets around our new apartment really rewards exploration. Overall we’re having a blast. Although hopefully we’ll get a little work done at some point in here ;)


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