Yank Monies

Quick post about the money here: wtf

First off it looks like it’s from the turn of the century. A thai guy told me that there are 10 seperate anit-forgery traits built into thai bills. Yank money looks like it has about 4.

But you can only see those if you look for them. They’re all of the hold-it-up-to-the-light variety. The bill faces themselves just look like grainy pictures. They’re so un-sharp they looked photocopied to begin with!

I just got 100$ out of wells fargo, a big bank, and all the 20s are wrinkled and weathered. No nice crisp monies, just ancient stuff that feels like it went through the wash a couple of times. I don’t feel rich with 200$ in my wallet, I feel like I’m carrying around a handfull of greasy rags. Please can I have a sandwich? I’ll trade you this piece of cloth I ripped off my painting-shirt.

So I figure either get used to looking at every bill you get through a light or go down to the copy-shop and supplement yourself for the inevitable loss.

And they still have 1 dollar bills. Arg. This is such a bad idea. I figured out how to determine what your smallest bill should be: whatever it costs to buy a decent but cheap lunch.

You can get lunch for 5 bucks. You can get lunch for 20 baht. You can get lunch for 1000 yen.

You can’t get anything substantial for a dollar. Bus fare is over a dollar! If you can’t buy lunch with it then it isn’t a significant enough amount of money to be worthy of a bill – it’s change.

AND they don’t have 2s. So now I have twice as much change, all in bill form! Plus everything is the same damned colour and the same damned size. So a 1 and a twenty are at first glance exactly the same. You have to actually read the number to figure out what bill you have. So good luck paying for something that costs 26$ Finding a 20 a five and a one in the wad is going to take you all day.

And don’t pay the 26$ with two twenties because you’re going to get back 6 bills. 4 ones and 2 fives. They have no 10s! How do you not have 10 dollar bills! Our god damned number system is base 10! It’s a basic unit of currency. That’s what a burger costs!

I cannot believe the money in this country. I have to meticulously arrange the contents of my wallet to keep all the bills in precise increasing order or It takes me an hour to pay for anything. I’ve started keeping the 1s outside the wallet with the rest of the change.

Oh god and the loonie is worth 0.987 yank now. So the point of using this inferior currency system is getting pretty acedemic.

Ah well. In a couple of days when CAD > USD we’re going to go have a ‘do you take real money’ party with my Canadian debit card with Canadian dollars! w00t w00t!


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