Origin Story

Hello World. Welcome to a little corner of the web about Games, travel, and Games. We are Colin and Sarah Northway. Two independent video game authors who fell hopelessly in love and now travel the world plying our trade.

A few years ago I (Colin) wrote a game called Fantastic Contraption while we were living in San Francisco. At the time Sarah was working at a great game company called Three Rings. We love San Francisco and three rings but we also love traveling so when Contraption made us some money we decided to cut loose. We sold everything but our laptops, quit our jobs, and started traveling and writing games full-time.

We’ve made friends in Turkey, Czech Republic, Italy, Malta, Scotland, France, Honduras, and Costa Rica. We try to meet up with local independent game authors wherever we are. So far it’s been an amazing experience. Sarah has managed to write and release a game called Rebuild while on the road. It went live about a month ago to some serious acclaim. I spent most of the last year working on a game called Clutter which, unfortunately, I put on hold about two months ago near the end of our trip in Honduras. It just wasn’t working out.

We are both working on new games right now and the plan is to use this space as a kind of public sounding-board. I find the process of writing about ideas tends to bring out other ideas and give me a more concrete understanding of the topic at hand. I also hope there might be some amount of discussion on the sight. But it remains to be seen if anyone will ever read it!

At any rate. Welcome. I hope you find something interesting.


6 thoughts on “Origin Story

  1. Congrats on Rebuild’s succes! I played and LOVED it, and sadly completely missed Sarah’s name in the upper right corner.

    If you ever plan on coming back to the US, you should come to NYC (moved from SF in January) and visit.

    1. It’s really good eh? Sarah is figuring out what to do with it next. But she’s pretty busy with a totaly different game.

      New York is definitely going to happen at some point. Might be this spring, might be next year.

    1. Looking forward to being in San Francisco in a few weeks! Then we can go have a beer and talk about games and traveling and games with Yetis in them!

  2. the secret of your success is organiazation ,,, but traveling is a big university because it intreduce you to different cultures ,,, you must be smart couple because you invested both organization and travel ,,,
    all my greetings and my best to both of you ,,

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