Round seven of #100exocards

Spoilers this time – I don’t usually warn but these happen to be mainly late game cards with too obvious names.

It’s unlikely you’d see more than a couple of these in one playthrough, because you’d need to focus most of your teen years on one area: geoponics, exploration, engineering, or garrison. You won’t have time to do all of them in one playthrough.













Seventh round of guest illustrated cards – credits below.
A Stressful Event by cupidbeaux
The Vertumna Group by Tan Juan Gee
Winning the Championship by Karagna
Playing Shovelball with Cal by PyrokidSosa
Passing the Final Exam by Mhuyo
Harvesting the Fastest by navasketch
Advancing to Black Belt by Ian Garces
Ending the Trippet Revolts by Mattibee
Tracking the Airsquid by Collin Wilhelm
Engineered Plague by koloquials

Round six of #100exocards

Cards 50-60! I’m planning to rearrange the art on some cards, or rename the cards to better fit the art. Or just… replace the temp names (“Something Something Leader” was particularly lazy of me).

Sixth round of guest illustrated cards – credits below.
Staying Cool by Goldie Bartlett
Testing on Humans by Diana Nguyen (Requiemofkings)
Playing Sportsball by ChevyRay
Slaughtering the Hordes by JayJay
Pest Control by Sophie Boerlage
When a Plan Comes Together by Pattra Audcharevorakul
Paying Attention by Kira Chang
Staying Awake on Guard Duty by Matt Xie
Something Something Leader by Maliheh
Iron Stomach by Comicenginealex

Round five of #100exocards

Cards 40-50 of our guest card illustrations for #100exocards. I love the animals in this one! The innocent bristleslug getting its itchy berries plucked by a not-so-innocent Tangent. That lil caged hopeye in the Traveling Salesman.

And the fallen rock monster from Felling a Giant! We hadn’t ever drawn it before so it’s neat to have a visual reference for folks in the game now.

Fifth round of guest illustrated cards – credits below.
Xeno Wrangling Champion by alienmandy
The Proverbial Guinea Pig by Lance (artbyvalence)
A Native Hybrid by Jooyoung Chang
Leading the East Wall Defense by Tactician Tactless
Traveling Salesman by PigDemonArt
Cooking Snapbladder Surprise by Michelle Barros
Up to the Highest Height by Sean’nell
Getting Creative by Giulia Biazus
Genius Deduction by Blue
Felling a Giant by Eggsy Zhang

Round four of #100exocards

We’re still balancing the mechanics of the card game, and there are some bugs to fix (looking at you Pulling Weeds, what is a “non- card”?). And we’re working to tie card flavor to its mechanics and level, especially for unique, hard to get cards at the end of a quest or event chain.

Fourth round of guest illustrated cards – credits below.
A Potent Brew by Michel Mims
Birthed a Floatcow by Shari McConochie
Sharing is Caring by Luke Ge
Pulling Weeds by Melissa Peacock
Cultivating Spongecake by Haveafreakday
Performing for an Audience by FelineTrickster
Doing Paperwork by boni
Goofing Off by Qushung
Composing a Song by Polina Raspbrrd
Getting Caught by Lilla

Group 3 of #100exocards

Cards 20-30 of our amazing guest illustrations. Many are one-off rewards for beating challenges or reaching the end of certain story arcs, so even though we have close to 300 cards, you’ll only see 40-60 in each playthrough. These cards are your memories, and every life is different.

Third round of guest illustrated cards – credits below.
Flunking a Test by R0ppi
Boooorriiiiing by Hoo? Its Claire
Asking an Adult by Rebecca “Mal” Snowden
Talent Show Champion II by kitsuneten
Bot Wrestling Champion by GuilhermeRM
The Mixologist by Gzei
Surprise Party by Neana
Up to your Armpits in Mud, by Dannaria
Singing Your Heart Out by Lars Carrijo
Sabotaging by Angela Intriago