Final round of #100exocards

We’ve come to the final round of #100exocards, guest card illustrations for I Was a Teenage Exocolonist by 100 different artists.

This group includes a few bonus cards as well! Exocolonist has 276 cards, and art for the others are a combination of cards by two of the team artists Mei and Eduardo, and from reused in-game assets (mostly drawn by Mei and Ed as well).

Working with all these diverse artists has been an amazing experience, and I need to thank Lindsay Ishihiro again for organizing it all.

Final round of guest illustrated cards – credits below.
A Grand Feast by Louis Chen
Vriki III by Blue
Unisaur II by Erica Doyle
A Mysterious Stranger by Ooorangy
Compromising by Mhuyo
Putting on your Scary Face by Tash-Fia Constant
Milking the Squeedger by JayJay
Losing your Temper by Rin
Getting Lost in the Fog by QuinncySama
Dishing the Dirt by Makorie
Telling a Gentle Tale by Rachel Harvey
Helping an Animal by Haveafreakday

Round nine of #100exocards

Pets pets pets! They can be equipped to follow you around and grant some pretty meaty bonuses. I can’t shake the idea that the beautiful Unisaur III is dancing.

Ninth round of guest illustrated cards – credits below.
Delusions by Donovan
Writing an Essay by Josh Cornillon
Vriki II by Lindsay Peltz
Use Your Words by JulieJubz
Unisaur III by Grave Omens
Acing a Test by Joanna Yu
Learning About the Past by anqi
Hopeye III by Beth Sparks
Gut Feeling by Kenby L.
Dizzy Weed by Darcy Dee

Round eight of #100exocards

I love the range of styles for Marz in this set of cards 70-80. I wonder if players will try to make an ‘all marz’ deck and whether that would be playable at all…

Eighth round of guest illustrated cards – credits below.
Dissecting a Sugarbug by denimbxy
Telling a Violent Tale by Marina Rubio
Talent Show Champion by
Science Fair Champion by Onsta
The Shimmer Cure by Oenomene
Standing Up for Something by Sophie Calhoun
Multitasking by Emily Yates
Investigation by Michelle Siddiqui
Under the Hot Hot Sun by Fruzsina Pittner
Facing the Eyebeasts by Daniel Joel Newman

Round seven of #100exocards

Spoilers this time – I don’t usually warn but these happen to be mainly late game cards with too obvious names.

It’s unlikely you’d see more than a couple of these in one playthrough, because you’d need to focus most of your teen years on one area: geoponics, exploration, engineering, or garrison. You won’t have time to do all of them in one playthrough.













Seventh round of guest illustrated cards – credits below.
A Stressful Event by cupidbeaux
The Vertumna Group by Tan Juan Gee
Winning the Championship by Karagna
Playing Shovelball with Cal by PyrokidSosa
Passing the Final Exam by Mhuyo
Harvesting the Fastest by navasketch
Advancing to Black Belt by Ian Garces
Ending the Trippet Revolts by Mattibee
Tracking the Airsquid by Collin Wilhelm
Engineered Plague by koloquials

Round six of #100exocards

Cards 50-60! I’m planning to rearrange the art on some cards, or rename the cards to better fit the art. Or just… replace the temp names (“Something Something Leader” was particularly lazy of me).

Sixth round of guest illustrated cards – credits below.
Staying Cool by Goldie Bartlett
Testing on Humans by Diana Nguyen (Requiemofkings)
Playing Sportsball by ChevyRay
Slaughtering the Hordes by JayJay
Pest Control by Sophie Boerlage
When a Plan Comes Together by Pattra Audcharevorakul
Paying Attention by Kira Chang
Staying Awake on Guard Duty by Matt Xie
Something Something Leader by Maliheh
Iron Stomach by Comicenginealex