Pulling at the Wet Strings of Life

Jordan Fehr is Joining the Incredipede team as the game’s sound designer. I’m a big fan of his work. He’s done a great job on other games like Super Meat Boy, Snapshot, Jamestown and others.

He asked me to describe my vision for the game. Which I haven’t really articulated here so I thought I’d share my response:

If you haven’t watched my Sense of Wonder Night presentation start there. I talk about the birth of the game. At its heart it’s about life and the wonder of the variety of life.

That’s why it’s set somewhere between the age of discovery in the 1600s and the Victorian era of the 1850s.

That was a time when the world was still open and unfound. When exotic beasts and men existed in rumor and sketch. Imagine the feeling of possibility. Imagine what you could believe.

The gameplay is about raw creation. The goals and levels only exist to goad you into creating. The point is to make something that you didn’t know existed. To delight yourself at your own creativity and ingenuity.

That raw creativity is wrapped in the (metaphorical) language of nature, life, and exploration to give it vitality. Why fiddle with nuts and gears and bolts when you can pull at the wet strings of life?



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  1. Nice post dude. I think I’m going to start blogging about my game through what I expect will be the last or second to last iteration before my first release. Stay tuned — prehaps you can guide me to making more intreaging blog posts.


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