Rebuild 2: Guess who

The Dream Team
The Dream Team: Derek Yu, David Hellman, Tiff Chow, Steph Thirion

You really may have to guess, as the face modelling doesn’t always produce a perfect match. But I’ve been having fun putting my friend’s faces into the game with the FaceGen Modeller, then mix-and-matching their hair and facial hair.

Terrifying new art from EvilKris
Terrifying new art from EvilKris

The major components are all in, and I’m starting to slog through balancing now. In the end, some stuff still didn’t make it in, but Rebuild 2 is closer to what I imagined the original should have been. I hope you’ll agree!

I’ll probably do some private testing soon so if you’d like to be considered for test duty, please leave a comment on this post.

Edit: the playest is over, thanks everyone for helping out!


74 thoughts on “Rebuild 2: Guess who

    1. I’d like to beta test, but I may not for long. I know zombies are to be scary, but you pushed it too far. This isn’t scary, this will mentally scar people for life! And what if a child stumbles upon it? Huh? The parent could file a lawsuit against you! I for one thought that the cartoon style of rebuild was great! And you throw it away for this horror-show! This is a terrible move, as the more horrifying the game is, the less people are able to withstand it! I hope you do some heavy duty artwork change, because if you don’t, then I will NEVER play your games again!

          1. and the survivors. i’d rather have the cartoony survivors rather then the obvious photoshop mix and matchers!

          2. Whoah whoah whoah-
            *That* pic isn’t going in the game! It’s actually just a first draft, something I uploaded onto the database for safekeeping! I do have plans to add some filters and such to it at a later date to reduce it’s intensity, so relax. I’m pretty surprised she uploaded that one myself!lol!

            What I want to say to yourself and the others who have nagging fears about the art is this:

            -Don’t panic-

            As the artist I’m well aware of the extremeties we can go to with this project. I can appreciate that some people out there are justifiably worried (esp.after seeing that pic) that the art is going to be as shocking as the art of The Insanity but let me reassure you that we’re going for a more watered down look that we hope will keep everybody happy and not have little kids run screaming from the room.

            Not trying to tout my own website here but you can explore some of the regular Rebuild 2 artwork posted on my blog over at-

            Sure, there’s a ton of blood and gore but it’s all very comicy, wouldn’t you agree?. And some of the images not posted on there add a sense of humour to the game through the art. As you can see, most of it is distinctly at the level of *creepy*- occasionally bordering on scary, but never excessively gruesome. Probably what most would you’d expect from a zombie game, right?

          3. my gosh evilkriss, you call those pics cartoony?! Ever since you infected rebuild 2, you ruined the cartoony and sorta funny like experience with, blood, gore, and insanity artwork! A dude smashing a zombie’s face in is NOT funny or cartoony, it’s just plain wrong! And a gouged out human eye?! Thats just plain disgusting! A zombies face exploding onto a glass wall?! You call that cartoony?! Adding the pics to a comic book does not make it fun and cartoony!AND you said yourself that you got insanity artwork showing up at the end of the game! My suggestion:Leave this game and work on your own zombie insanity!

          4. And, I looked at more of your “cartoony” artwork.
            Instead of individually complaining about them, I will sum it all up. These aren’t cartoony, they are Insanity clones printed out on a comic book style!

          5. Infected? lol!

            Yikes! Well I have *no* desire to reply to that sort of rudeness- catch you later.

      1. wtf people stop being such pussies so what if it’s gory it’s a zombie game evilkris your doing a good job and as for all the haters go play some hello kitty or something xD

        1. Well, its a turn-based strategy gme. or at least, the first one was. Most people (including me) that play Turn based strategy, are indeed pussys and cowards. We dont like horror.
          I liked the zombie touch because the art was cartoony. what evilkris did was plain horror.

    2. Oh I would love to test for you! The original rebuild has got to be one of the best games that I have ever played on the internet. I can’t just wait for R2 to come out, I’m too excited already. I’ll give a wonderful review for the next game.

      1. Also another note. If you can’t find enough testers I would reccomend directing a link to this post from your kongregate game description. Kongregaters give some of the best comments/reviews and changes that many would agree to be added or fixed to the game.

    3. Cade, you are right about the artwork.But I would to remind you that the creators decided that Rebuild 2 will be darker than Rebuild 1.And that is a huge risk as Rebuild became popular ,because it was not another creepy full of scenes that will mentally scar the player forever zombie game, but instead it was a zombie game suited for every normal person.How many zombie games are suited for everyone and are really good?I only know Rebuild I.Let’s hope that R2 will be a nice game to play.

  1. I’ve been following this project for a couple weeks now. I would be honored to volunteer to beta test Rebuild 2! I really love the first, and cannot wait for the sequel!

      1. Indeed.By the way, Mrs Northway I would like to ask you if you intend a RPG verion of Rebuild.I believe that it would rock especially if Evil kris was artist of the game.

  2. Oh my gosh, those characters are wonderful! I’d be more than happy to beta test as well, of course :) Happy to hear development is going along smoothly!

  3. I’ll volunteer as a guinea pig. You don’t even have to put my face in the game!

    …but you should, because Jack Shirai is a guy who gets shit DONE.

  4. I’d love a chance to help out with some testing and balancing.
    I loved the first Rebuild and am looking forward to spending as much time or more playing the second.

  5. I just found this game a few months ago and played it a lot. Never able to be nightmare, but had a ton of fun. If you need another tester, hit me up!

  6. I’m one of those oddballs who played Rebuild 1 all the way through to each of the different endings … would be very keen to help with testing if needed.

  7. I thought the first game was amazing, and I would love to assist you in your zombie-testing endevors!

    Seriously, poke me, prod me, inject me with the Dutch Flu and then see if you can cure me – whatev’s.

  8. I’d love to help test. I’m credited as a beta tester on several titles at Spiderweb Software. In addition to a long history of troubleshooting a variety of problems in a variety of games, my professional rate of “free” is terribly competitive. ;)

  9. I love the original Rebuild, and have beaten it at Nightmare several times. Great game. Coincidentally, I’m playing it (again) right now too!

    I’d love to test the sequel, if you’re interested in having a fan help out!

  10. Alright then, I’ve been following this blog after playing the first game obsessively. I am a budding game designer with a few projects under my belt and would love to help you with the beta of this project. Just drop me a line.

  11. I would love to be a part of a testing of the game! I loved Rebuild and how I was able to effectively control territory.

  12. I am your Game Tester at duty! Command me as you so desire! I Shall follow you into hell and back!

  13. hi i so love your game and i wood like to take part in the beta testing if there is any room left

  14. Hellow ! Like every people who love your game, I’d like to participate to beta-testing. =p

    Thanks and have a good day, creator of Rebuild !

  15. I loved Rebuild and played it obsessively when I first found it… have been checking up on progress to R2 when I found you were planning it and just read this post!
    Would love to help test this out, I’m quite good at bug hunting and have beta tested before :)

  16. I’ve been following this development for a while now, and it’s looking great with the new art direction! I’d love to help balance test, if you need more people.

  17. If its not too l8 I would like to test it but if its not too too l8 maybe you could have soldiers guard outside areas and it could be real dangerous and you could reclaim areas away from the main city and 1 mini camp further away from the main city so there could be twice the danger + fun.

    Though if you have 2 settlements you need 2 leaders and from time to time you have to move out with leaving a few survivours inside.

    What do you think peoples and creator?

    P.S if you think my ideas are good enough I could help bringing ideas forward if its not too l8.


  18. If you still need testers, let me know. Usually I find Flash games dull, but Rebuild is a masterpiece. Nightmare mode had me hooked for days. SO excited for part deux.

  19. Wow im sooooo excite!
    rebuild-best zombie game on the net ever!
    And now the chance to help out with the beta-im there like a bear! finished the first game loads of times becaise it was soo much fun and ignore the wierdos I LOVE the artwork :)

  20. Like Paul said earlier, maybe you could have the option to search outside your city. If having a mini-camp reveals itself to be too complicated, maybe it could be something like ”Travelling to distant lands” which would be a kind of big trip which cost resources to organize, and could trigger from time to time something special. Maybe just finding people, or trading with another town, or something more special. Maybe that’s how you see it, Paul.

    Rebuild was a really good and original game. I wish you as much fun and success you had making the first one with the sequel!

  21. i have played the first game too completion about 10 times. i would verymuch love to be apart of beta testing, and as an added benifit then i get too play a ton before school starts.

  22. Dear Mr & Mrs Northway
    I would like to participate in the beta testing of the Rebuild 2 for two reasons.First of all, I loved Rebuild 1 and testing Rebuild 2 would be an honour for me.
    Secondly, I want to become a true beta tester and testing this game would give me a lot of experience, since I have not tested any games before, and reputation as it is almost sure that Rebuild 2 will do even than Rebuild 1.
    If you choose me, I promise you that I will do my best not to disapoint you.

    Yours sincerelly,

  23. I really hope to see rebuild2 do much better than rebuild 1. I loved the game and I have high hopes for the second

  24. Would LOVE to test rebuild 2, the first is my favorite strategy game to date, and think that i would do great at testing it, considering ive done betas for other games (the last stand UC). Testing it will make the overall game much less buggy and it also help with balancing the game. in the end testing a game is the best way to go for any game.

  25. Hi if by any remote chance you are still looking for anymore people to play test i would be honoured too, Rebuild is an amazing game that i have played to completion at least 30 – 40 times and is infinatly better than the vast majority of stratagy games out there ( if it was sold on a disk i would buy it).

    Thank you and the best of luck with everything.

  26. I would love to beta test. I have always dreamt of teaching myself a compiler language and writing a similar game to rebuild, a rogue-like though. Looking at your post on clone games, maybe that wouldn’t be the most considerate idea.

  27. Hi Sarah Northway! I’ve been a long time follower first time commenter for obvious reasons lol.

    I loved Rebuild, but I couldn’t help but notice the repetitiveness. Besides that, I saw nothing that could use change.

    It would be a great honor to be a beta tester, I’m great with computers and even better at asking the right questions and finding what’s wrong with what. I’m also very descriptive.

  28. Sarah, I nearly wet my pants the other day when I found this blog and realized there would be a Rebuild 2! I found the original by accident the day it came out on Kongregate when it was still unknown, imagine my surprise when your game turned out to be smart, fun, and addictive. Please consider me for Beta Testing, thanks!

  29. Please consider me for beta testing. I’ve played Rebuild quite often since the day it came out in different difficulty stages, and I think I know this game quite well (I even happened to play a map without the Evil Graveyard some months ago). Thanks, Sorn.

  30. Oh my…these sketches and the artwork look astounding! I cannot wait to see the end result! Can you please consider me for beta-testing? I had alot of fun playing Rebuild one and I would like to help you iron out any bugs that may be present in Rebuild 2!

  31. I’d love to be able to beta test it. Doubt that I have much of a chance after seeing how many people have posted but still worth a shot.

  32. I’d love to beta test, though I may be young it could still help to receive feedback from a younger generation. I would do my best to give as much useful feedback as possible. This may be a little boot-kissy but I loved the first rebuild and would love to see a second. I do not know whether or not you have stopped beta testing or if the game is already finished but I would love to help this game reach its full potential. Thank you if you read this.

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