Rebuild 2: Progress Continues

EvilKris and I have been working hard on Rebuild 2. Skills and plots are in with about 30 other changes, and there’s another 20 to go. Recent additions include renaming survivors, saving in multiple slots, shotguns, helicopters, prostitution, and more kittens.

There are also new buildings and I tweaked the map art to use more gradients and textures. I’m still working on the blood bar; need to make room for more information up there. It’s still pretty similar but here’s how it looks today:

New buildings in Rebuild 2
New buildings in Rebuild 2

EvilKris is nearly done the new attack screen art, small illustrations to go with various events and possible outcomes. These will be in a kind of a comic book style, hopefully not too gruesome for the squeamish but showing a more realistic depiction of life in the land of the dead. He has more art on his blog.

EvilKris's attack screen vignettes
EvilKris's attack screen vignettes

18 thoughts on “Rebuild 2: Progress Continues

  1. Shotguns, prostitution and kittens. Are the kittens there just to balance things out? How many kittens does it take to balance out one prostitute? Is there a formula for that?

  2. Wow! From the screenshot it looks like you’ve implemented the icon system I proposed back over here:

    It looks great! I can tell immediately that you’re scouting the Motel 69, killing zombies in the park, and doing some kind of construction project on the green building at left.

    As for the new buildings, I see a very British looking Underground entrance, a drive-in movie theater, and a couple others I can’t make out.

    Now I’m getting excited!

  3. You should also include new resources IMNSHO, like this example:

    *Captured Oil Rig*
    *Gains 1t of oil/Rig per turn*
    *Grabs Refiner*
    *Sets Refiner to “Fuel”*
    *Has 1t of fuel/Refiner set on “Fuel”, loses 1t of oil/turn per Refiner set on “Fuel”*
    *Captures Ore Mine*
    *Gains 1t of Ore/turn per Ore Mine*
    *Grabs Smelter*
    *Gains 1t of Metal/turn per Smelter, loses 1t of Ore/Smelter*
    *Grabs 2 Fabrics*
    *Sets Fabric 1 to “Cars” (Cars can speed up a mission by X turns), Fabric 2 to “Turrets”*
    *Gains 1 car/round, gets 1 turret/round, loses 2t of Metal/round.*
    *Gains 2 turrets, mounts 1 on car, 1 on Copshop (adding X defense when Soldier added.), 1 on car.
    *Mounts soldiers on turrets*
    *Mounts soldier on car*
    *Lost 3 Soldiers, gained 1 Car with turret, gained 1 Turret.*

    Like that idea?

  4. just found out about rebuild a week ago,.can’t stop playing !

    the best flash games ! e-v-e-r !
    can’t wait for rebuild 2..!

  5. Very cool. I’m not completely sold on photo-realistic art for the survivors, but I trust your judgement (and vision) on this one. I loved the simple stick-figure-in-peril art…at a glance I knew everyone’s role which made it easy to pick up and play.

    The comic strip style art looks neat (gory, but neat) and nicely in line with the genre. I’m thinking Walking Dead here which I guess is pretty close to what you were looking for. Nifty.

    Excited for the new buildings and planned deeper gameplay. Looking forward to future updates now!

  6. Hello,

    I love your game, however I do hope you can code the sequel better than the current game, because it has always been laggy and frozen on my computers, even on the one I bought this year, an alienware advertised as “the most powerful laptop in the universe”, so I assume than rather than it being my hardware, its the coding, so it’d be nice if you could optimize it on the game you’re making.

    I do love your work so I hope it does well and comes out when its ready rather than sooner.


      1., which is the only site to offer fullscreen, has version 1.2. What is the difference between 1.2 and 1.21? Playing in that little window is no fun!

  7. I am just wondering, what does it take to be on your game designing team? I am not looking for money or anything, just bored.

  8. Hi Sarah…

    I am looking forward to rebuild 2 so much.

    Thanks for making Rebuild 1 – Its my favorite game on kongregate. I am a massive fan!

  9. Hi Sarah…

    I Have a good idea for the game:

    You can customize your characters, with defferent weapons, armours, etc.

    Thanks, if you do add it!

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