Rebuild 3: Alpha of Deadsville

Nearly all the buildings are done - recognize that tech company in the middle?
Adam’s new buildings are nearly all in – recognize that tech company in the middle?
We’re a couple months and four versions into Rebuild’s early alpha test, and so far so good! Of the 1500 people in the alpha, 500 have logged in, played 3000 cities, and found more bugs and typos than I’d care to think about.

The forums are hopping, with insightful gameplay discussions and some great suggestions I’m desperate to squeeze in the game. Release date wise… we’re starting to fall behind, but there will be a very playable beta in a few months for backers and anyone who preorders. If you missed the Kickstarter, you can still get into the early alpha if you preorder the $25 deluxe edition.

Meet the pig farmers. What happened to his legs???
What happened to Farmer Bucket’s legs?? I needed temp art for the leaders so Sara’s character sketches made it into the game…

I added factions yesterday with version 0.44. Finally! These are the “gangs” from the game’s name after all. They’re in there in all their temp-art glory, hitting you up for protection money, selling “meat” of dubious heritage, and raiding your fort if you piss them off or just look like an easy target.

That's more like it: Malik from The Riffs
That’s more like it: Malik from The Riffs

You can also trade with them, which will soon be invaluable when I drastically reduce the resources you can scavenge for in the game and create new resource sucking policies (a gun isn’t much good without ammo, and johnny’s gangrenous leg ain’t going to heal itself without proper medicine).

The faction events are still pretty barebones, but Stephen and I have been working on a heap more content which I’m hoping to get in this month along with fort-wide policies. So much to look forward to!


22 thoughts on “Rebuild 3: Alpha of Deadsville

    1. Greetings from Argentina! I love your games, they stayed with me a whole summer :) I admire your creativty

    2. Will Rebuild 3 ever be free like your 1 and 2 Rebuild? I am asking because I am not old enough to have a STEAM account yet and will not be for several years to come.

    1. i loved both rebuild games and put hours into them. just please make this new rebuild free like the others were.

  1. Hello,
    I give my suggestion : please, don’t make a real time strategy game, what I really love in rebuild, is the turn by turn gameplay.

  2. I would just like to say i have beaten rebuild 1 and 2 many times. I was just hoping you could make this one harder.

  3. loved rebuild 1 and 2 only 9 but cant wait for rebuild 3 best of luck and a rough release date for pc would be nice if posible

  4. I love rebuild 1 & 2 its really fun but hope you the best of luck on finishing that awesome game! and also can you put in a pc version of it please?

  5. Hi. really looking forward on this type of game. :D great concept and i hope the RPG style will have more great storyline in it.

    And hope it will be fine for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 too. hehee. God bless. :D

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