Rebuild 3: Books and comic books

This month Stephen and I are hard at work on the random events and stories of Rebuild 3. We just passed short-novel length (say Chamber of Secrets) and are plowing on towards Goblet of Fire. Of course, you’ll never see all the events during a single game. Some of them relate to a specific faction, and even the biggest game map only has 4 of the 12 factions. Plus Gustav the trader of course – he’s everywhere.

We’re also doing a fun little project on the side: a short promotional companion comic with EvilKris, the artist for Rebuild 2. It’s a day-in-the-life story of a trade deal gone wrong, using characters from Rebuild 3 and Kris’s grungy horror art style (best known from his Insanity series – he’s working on a third one!).

The comic will be posted online, and I may give out printed copies if I show the game at PAX Prime this year. I’m happy to be working with Kris again; his corrupt environments and gruesome corpses delight me… in a stomach-turning kind of way.

Panels from EvilKris’s in-progress comic:

Zombies... walkers... we call them gankers.
Zombies… walkers… we call them gankers.
Dara from 1337cREw and her bike. Forget cars; everyone will ride bikes in the zombpocalpyse
Dara from 1337cREw with her bike.
Forget cars; everyone will ride bikes in the zombpocalpyse
Thugs from the Pharmacist faction.
Muscle from the Pharmacist faction. The one in the front scares me the most. You’ve got to be pretty nuts to use a meat cleaver as a weapon.
You probably don't want to know what that head is for.
You probably don’t want to know what that head is for.

The next alpha build will be out at the end of February, then I’m planning to focus on tech, resources, and zombie attacks during March. At that point the base game should be close to feature-complete and hopefully ready for Beta around the end of April. It looks like I’ll have to push release back to Summer 2014, but every person who pre-orders will be able to play the beta in May.

Writing this game has been more stressful than I’d expected, so I’m super grateful to all the fans, Kickstarter backers, and to the alpha testers on the forums for your help and support. You guys are the greatest! I’m making this game for you. :)

I’ll leave you with an alpha teaser from Espen of No Studio, featuring the Rebuild 3 music:


3 thoughts on “Rebuild 3: Books and comic books

  1. Would we be able to choose which factions we’d be facing in the game or will they randomly assigned?
    Also would it be possible in a later update to face all 12 as a sort of hard mode?

    Looking foreward to the game it looks great. :)

  2. Hey Sara!!!
    I posted a comment but I guess I was viewing a post that is old XD (my mistake)
    To sum up I loved the game I started playing a week ago
    !Not much replay ability after the highest difficulty level
    !Mini game when you are under attack
    ! I love interaction with factions (you introduce it in R3:gd)
    ! Relationships and kids is awesome! (Weather would be a great add too)
    !(p.s. only if you decide to add weather) How about ability to scavenge winter clothing
    !(if you decide to add weather to the game again)How about making four seasons span over 365 days?
    Hope it comes out soon
    Good luck!!!
    Oh and as you read earlier I’m new to the game
    At first I thought with the graphics (rebuild mobile) was a bit scary although only the menu the characters seemed realistic though!
    But I’m loving the vector guys and gals (hope there is more customization to appearance)
    That said best wishes
    Hoping for the best
    Mado XD

  3. really looking forward to this Sara.

    If you live anywhere near Vancouver, would love to buy you a pint of thanks.


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