Rebuild 3: Announcing the soundtrack!

I’m super stoked to announce I’ve just signed a licensing deal for the music for Rebuild: Gangs of Deadsville! The game’s soundtrack will feature a full hour of music from Rupert Lally and Espen J. J├Ârgensen – aka No Studio. Here’s a teaser:

Rupert, a Swiss/English electronic musician & sound designer, and Espen, a Norwegian electronic artist & filmmaker, have been collaborating for the past year and a half on a range of albums. From experimental circuit bending to ambient synthesizer noisescapes, their music has a kind of grungy post-apocalyptic feel to it that drew me in. The Gangs of Deadsville soundtrack will feature tracks from their whole discography including their upcoming final album This is Art:

I met Espen during his collaboration with Bill Gould, who worked on the Rebuild 2 soundtrack. I wanted something similar for the new game, but with more intensity and rhythm. I’ve been listening to this music for the past month while programming and I think it’s a lot of fun and a great fit for the new game.

The Kickstarter campaign is reaching its halfway point, and just got fully funded over the weekend. There are some new stretch goals we’re now trying to hit (seasons!!), and I’m going to entice backers to raise their pledges now by adding a $35 reward tier which includes the game’s 1 hour soundtrack. This will ship on November 4 when This is Art comes out.


2 thoughts on “Rebuild 3: Announcing the soundtrack!

  1. The the soundtrack is great, you should consider adding 1 or 2 more. I love the game, you did great on it it’s better than the first two!

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