Rebuild 3: Meet the gangs

Whooo! The Rebuild: Gangs of Deadsville Kickstarter campaign is 50% funded after only 3 days! You guys are amazing. :) To celebrate, I’m announcing the project’s first stretch goal: 3 Extra Gangs! These NPC factions will sometimes appear in the city with you. Some are easy going and will help you out so long as you don’t scavenge all the best stuff near their fort. Other factions are… not so nice. Let me introduce you:

The Granville Riffs

Ever seen the cult 70’s movie The Warriors? Well I was a little drunk when I did (it helps) but afterward I couldn’t get it out of my head. This faction is a play on the Gramercy Riffs, a badass gang of tall black karate dudes with mirrored shades. They value discipline, have a strict code of ethics and take a little too much joy in killing zombies with katanas and well-placed roundhouse kicks. You can hire them as mercenaries once you prove your honor.

The Last Judgement Gang

These guys are just the opposite of the Riffs, and the two are always at eachother’s throats. The Judgement are a good old fashioned Hells Angels type biker gang, except… they dress like catholic priests. They’re all fire-and-brimstone and set to cleanse the world of zombie and human alike. If you’re alive, you’re probably a sinner, and that’s all the excuse they need to roll in and raid your fort.

The Last Judgement Gang

The Luddies

Part hippie, part luddite, these vegan farmers live off the land, and are so much happier now that civilization has collapsed and they can take off their tinfoil hats: there are no more radio, tv and wifi waves flying around to cook their brains or control their thoughts anymore. You’ll clash with these guys if you’re truly intent on bringing back the evils of technology.

Church of the Chosen Ones

Another callback to Rebuild 2/Mobile, this zombie-worshipping cult have formed their own fort in this game. You could say they’re a little eccentric but mostly harmless… or are they? If their infectuous new religion takes root among your own survivors, watch out – because the ultimate goal of any Church follower is to join the “Chosen Ones” and become a zombie themselves.

Church of the Chosen Ones

St Micheal’s School for Boys

Still living in their former boarding school, this gang of kids is lead by a 16 year old (Rufio! Rufio!) who is the oldest of them because he was held back a year for bad behavior. But it’s not quite Lord of the Flies over there yet, and they get by on their ability to sneak, hide and steal.

The Pig Farmers

I introduced these guys in the Rebuild Mobile winter update. Avid meat merchants, they’ve got all these cuts of pork to trade at surprisingly good prices. Well, that is kind of a funny color for pork, and it does taste a little odd, but hey beggars can’t be choosers, right? They really don’t like people snooping around their pig farm and will shoot at anybody who gets too close. Everybody’s got a right to privacy, right?

The Pig Farmers

The Government

These beurocrats are the last remnants of the actual local government. They claim to have contact with a central organization via a secret government network, and are under orders to regain control of the area and will mercilessly comondeer any supplies they need to do that.

The Rotten

Not all zombies are alike; in fact some of them manage to keep their wits about them, more or less. Unfortunately they still look and smell like rotting walking corpses, so most of them get shot on sight by humans. But a few have moved underground and are living a marginal life, hoping someday to find a cure for their illness.

The Rotten

Stretch Goal Factions

Now for the stretch goal: if we make it to $35,000, I’ll be able to add 3 more factions to the mix. These guys are more than just names & faces: each faction comes with a bunch of new random events and at least one major plotline that involves them. Stephen’s been coming up with some great storylines that I’m eager to see play out.

1337cREw (stretch goal)

These gamers had gathered together for an epic lan party on the night the zombie infection reached their town. They didn’t even notice the dead roming the streets outside until the Internet finally went down. Now they quest to get it back online.

The Pharmacists (stretch goal)

Drug dealers, anarchists, hipsters. This gang is in it for the money and not too concerned if a few people get hurt in the process. They’re makers of the hot new drug Bath Salts, which makes you feel strong and fearless but is terribly addictive.

The Suffragettes (stretch goal)

These women have had enough of a male-dominated society putting them in second place, and don’t think you need “superior upper body strength” to kill zombies or do what it takes to survive. Tired of being told to do the laundry (have you seen the The Walking Dead?), they’ve got big plans for a brave new world.


7 thoughts on “Rebuild 3: Meet the gangs

  1. Hey Sarah,
    Wow, what a game (Rebuild, on iPad) just want to say that it’s been a while since iv sat and played a game and not cared about whether I should be doing something more constructive. Addictive rating around the sim city, championship manager (97 version) and theme park region. A few improvements that (in my opinion) could improve it would be if…….. No way would I try and say how great it is and then end in a BUT…


  3. With so many factions running around the game is starting to remind me of a cross between Stephenson’s SnowCrash with Sid Meir’s Civilization. Not a bad thing! :)

    The Rotten seem like a hard thing to resolve in the fantasy. If zombies aren’t uncontrollably on the hunt for human flesh, what are they? Vampires who hunger/not thirst. How long does it take to achieve controlled sentience again? How long has it been since it started? Are more zombies able to regain themselves? Is there a middle-ground? What happens to zombies who cannot sustain themselves? … All going back to – why aren’t more zombies like the Rotten?

    1. Haha I hope to answer all these questions about the Rotten and more soon! I kind of think of them as stroke / brain trauma victims who might recover somewhat, but probably never fully. :/

      Funny you should mention Snow Crash, I’m busy putting references to it in the game today…

  4. I would really like to help funding the project. But Kickstarter only accepts credit cards. and, as the most europeans, i don’t have or want one :(
    is there a way to use kickstarter without a credit card?

  5. Hey. so far the game looks awesome! For the heck of it, here are a few things i might like to see.
    -The ability to alter your character’s age. I mean, who’s to say a teenager couldn’t survive?
    -a sanity bar specifically for your character. Not affected by group morale.
    -personality traits that affect certain skills. either chosen at the begining or determined through conversation.
    -at the start of the game, a set of choices about your character’s life before the zombie apocolypse. Hobbies, childhood home, etc. It would affect starting skills and equipment.

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