Rebuild 3: Buildings

I love the buildings in Rebuild. Each one different, like colorful little candies. Some no longer serve a useful function, for example gas stations and grocery stores once all the gas and food has been scavenged out of them. Others are absolutely key to survival and you won’t last without them.

You’ll find more rural buildings like farms and suburbs towards the edge of the map, and ones with lots of scavengeable goods like malls and shops in the center. Some buildings are unique and only appear on a few maps, so keep an eye out for them!

Ones you can create:

Builders can replace other things with these. If replacing a larger building with a smaller one, the rest will turn to rubble.

Building Why build it? Produces Art
Farm Farms produce food every day and provide valuable vitamins you can’t get from canned SPAM. Farming here increases the yield. 1-3 food per day depending on difficulty farm
Apartment Home sweet home for your survivors, if they don’t mind the 70’s decor and avocado-green appliances. Adds space for 2 survivors Untitled-1
Church Our churches are multi-faith spiritual centers. Now offering over two dozen afterlives to go to when you die. Increases happiness Untitled-2
Bar Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name. Or settle for any place with alcohol left. Increases happiness Untitled-5
Hospital Survivors heal faster in hospitals, either due to the placebo effect or because once you’re in there you’ll do anything to get out. Prevents negative events, survivors heal faster here Untitdled-2
School Survivors can train here to increase their skills. It’s faster and much safer than the usual way. Change jobs after 2 days training Untitled-11
Laboratory Here our engineers can research everything from zombie behavior to how they used to get the caramel into all those Caramilk bars. Research tech projects Untitled-7
Workshop A place to make things, fix things, and take things apart. Ammunition, Medicine, Explosives, Zombie Bait, Medkits, Traps, Fireworks Untitled-10
City Hall A glorious center of government. Civic pride. City must have reached goal size before you can build this. Makes faction alliances possible Untitled-6d

Worth keeping around:

These buildings do something useful so you probably don’t want to replace them… but you can’t build new ones yourself.

Building Why build it? Produces Art
Police Station & Bank Police stations are the heart of our protection against the outside world. The thick walls can hold out zombies for a long time. +10 defense, and +5 to adjacent buildings. Untitlffed-4
Housing Suburbs, motels, and trailer parks can house our survivors just like apartments. Space for 2-4 survivors depending on size Untitled-ff12
Warehouse You never know what you’ll find in these. Boxes of PVC pipes? A room filled with pillows? Expired dog food? Yum! +50 max food Untitled-19
Fire Department Well I’m not on fire so it must be working. Prevents fires Untitled-15
Other Farms Bigger farms produce more food. 1-3 food per day per square depending on difficulty Untitled-14
Parks & Woods Builders can chop wood on these for materials. 3+ wood per week Untitled-16
Rivers & Oceans Natural boundries can stop zed and other factions. Natural walls Untitled-18
Power Plant A small natural gas plant that might be simple enough for a few engineers to operate. Unique. Increase happiness once fixed Untitlrrred-9
Water Treatment Plant The city’s running water is dependent on this plant. Important for health and happiness. Unique. Increase happiness once fixed Untitled-8

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  1. I am curious as to the purpose of radio towers, i’ve always felt like they were a wasted tile

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