Rebuild 3: Release Date Announcement

I’m back in the pacific northwest and moving to Vancouver soon. Not just for a couple months this time… yes, after five years of gallivanting around the world, the Northways are going to stay in one place for awhile. It’s a new adventure, and I’m kind of scared. What if we hate our neighbors? What if we buy the wrong furniture? What if I get bored of Vancouver or hate the weather? What if I get comfortable and don’t want to travel anymore?

Let’s face it, these are dumb things to worry about compared to the upcoming Rebuild 3 release. Yes, release! But first, the crunch. I’m starting to feel vampiric, staring at my computer screen for so many hours a day I’m not sure I remember what the sun looks like. I’m also going bonkers looking at my list of unplayed games on Steam, though does that stop me from buying more? No. Soon my pretties… soon…


I’m going to release Rebuild 3 PC/Mac on May 29th!

OMGee I can’t believe I said it! Three years of SO MUCH WORK is coming to an end. If you’d like to jump in and help me playtest, head over to the Steam Windows testing branch now.

Mobile version

Rebuild 3 for iPhone, iPad and Android will be coming later this summer!


One thought on “Rebuild 3: Release Date Announcement

  1. What a surprise I had today to see that your game is going to be released on Personally, I mostly buy my games there for their DRM-free game policy, so it really pleases me, in the case of Rebuild 3, that I won’t have to deal with platforms that asks of you to be constantly online to play their games.

    Congratulations for Rebuild 3, what a great accomplishment. All the hard work involved…hats off to you!

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