Rebuild 3: Paper dolls

Rebuild 3 survivor concept

Adam’s been busy making mix & matchable characters for Rebuild: Gangs of Deadsville. They remind me of the digital kisekae dolls I used to collect. We’ll have thousands of unique survivors by the time he’s through, from cops to road warriors to half-starved hipsters and every hybrid thereof.

They’ll have unique personalities too: some are greedy, some lazy, others heroic or ridden with guilt. The longer you know them, the more their backstories will be revealed.

I’m adding a second inventory slot, so survivors will be able to equip both a weapon and a tool. I haven’t figured out which slot chainsaws go in yet…

Rebuild 3 survivor conceptRebuild 3 survivor concept
ColinGas MaskRetiree

The three male body types: skinny (does he look familiar?), bulky, and heavy. The third type will be rare – staying overweight during the zompocalypse isn’t easy, and you probably don’t want to know what they’ve been eating.

Rebuild 3 survivor conceptRebuild 3 survivor concept
Rebuild 3 survivor conceptRebuild 3 survivor concept

10 thoughts on “Rebuild 3: Paper dolls

  1. I love your ideas! Thanks a lot for this cool game. I know you put a lot of your life into it.

    I can’t find any sites with the latest version of Rebuild 2. The search engines all point to older versions.

  2. I haven’t played yet, but do you have interactive female characters that can develop into 3D characters.

  3. You could have some items that are “cumbersome” or “large.” They work as two-handed weapons work in RPGs. You can either equip two small items (e.g. small sword and shield) or one large item (e.g. giant axe). So the chainsaw for example would be awesome and multipurpose but it uses up both slots (e.g. you put it in the “main” slot and the secondary slot is grayed out)

  4. …. Or you could go the reverse route: you have “regular” items and “tiny” items (e.g. “belt” items like a wrench or pistol). You can wear two tiny items, a regular item, or a regular and tiny item.

  5. I have an idea for Rebuild 3 and I want this to be acounted for: I think Rebuild 3 should have more of a 3D theme? If not maybe a little bit more on board with things for example you can choose a mission to be apart of and not have to wait for the mission time to end???? Anyway thats my take on the creation (or part of it) on Rebuild 3!

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