Rebuild 3: Searching for an artist

Concept as envisioned by user Pentagon on the Rebuild 3 wiki
Now that Word Up Dog has finally launched, I’m starting development on Rebuild 3 in earnest. I’ve been through most of the Rebuild 3 wiki to collect and organize ideas that have been simmering there for months. It’s not too late to add your own suggestions, especially for things like new items, techs and survivor perks.

My next most pressing task is to find an artist for the game. I have several offers from friends who’d like to do pieces of it, but am hoping to find a professional artist able to devote a full (paid) year to the game and do everything from concept sketches to UI to promo art. Rebuild 3 will be a PC downloadable + mobile + browser game with more bells & whistles than the first two. I’d like this new game to look friendlier than Rebuild 2 but not as dorky as Rebuild 1, and I’d prefer bizarre and stylish over the ordinary. We’ll have fun with it! :D

Applicants should:

  • Have past experience on other games
  • Have played Rebuild 2 or Rebuild mobile
  • Design slick, functional and complex game UIs
  • Draw awesome zombies and other characters
  • Draw cool and readable buildings/terrain
  • Animate basic walking and actions
  • Be self-motivated to work from home
  • Put UIs together in Flash Pro
  • (Bonus) Produce vectors either from scratch or via trace

Email me with your portfolio if you’re interested. More details on the Art Style page of the Rebuild 3 wiki.


17 thoughts on “Rebuild 3: Searching for an artist

  1. Improvement #1:
    For the next game, can you make it so you have to accept survivors before they join you. Because I hate it when a random survivor I don’t like Joins.

    Improvement #2:
    Allow us to claim land that isn’t connected to already claimed land. Also, for places far away, make it take longer days for us to do missions.

    Make it so when you lose happyness people may decide to leave. Also, sometimes they may try to steal food when they leave.

  2. I’d like to see more in depth features. The previous Rebuild 2 was great, but I would like to see more random events and where you make more decisions and interaction with the things around you.

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  5. Hey, I know this may be a hassle, but could you make a version for macs? I’m getting really frustrated about not being able to play 80% of the games out there because of my computer.
    Also, 3 ideas:
    -Anime artwork
    -character creation
    -relationships with other citizens that determine if they like you, would save you from zombies, etc.
    Good luck! I loved the pervious two games.

  6. I just want to actually see the evil religious biker base and the other dudes town or something. maby have survivors move around the map. and if a certain amount of survivors enter a sqaure on the map the make a small stationary non expanding or expanding if people want it base. and you could either diplomatcly have them join u or conquer them and if you do fight with them the noise attracts the undead the area. also more ways to survive winter and more random events etc.

  7. Can u tell me how I can become a beta tester, I really want to help and this is the only thing I could do.

  8. I love rebuild and rebuild 2 and I even think you should make it as a game for mobile phones! In addition to that, I have a few suggestions. One would be to make skill boosters (Ex: Rocket Launchers) provide a boost that exceeds the max skill limit. For example, a soldier with level ten combat wields a pistol to get a level eleven combat skill. Realistically speaking, if you have a soldier with an RPG and he retains a level ten combat skill it wouldn’t make sense as he has a much better weapon compared to a soldier who’s level ten with absolutely nothing at hand. In addition to that, once they get to the max level, it would render the tool obsolete to them especially in a community where the majority of people have the max level. Two would be making more tactically superior squares such as a mall but have a variety of different boosts such as offensive being provided by, for example, an old military base rather than just the defensive boosts provided by malls and police stations. This would take out the majority of useless buildings such as McNoodles and make it easier to survive (You can decrease the spawn rate of these buildings as the difficulty increases of course.) Three would be to have a bit more story involved around the main character’s background (Ex: The main character was part of the last judgement gang and the leader was his friend but now has to kill him or save him affecting happiness and what not.) Many great games I’ve played kept me addicted due to that feeling you get when you feel the excitement of the plot developing. I’ve always had that tendency to stay up to see if Master Chief will escape and save his friends from utter destruction. Basically, off the top of my mind that’s all I can think of but I’ll come back with more suggestions as they pop up in my head.

    Love the game and all the best,

    Davis Oswald, Addicted player and fan of your game :)

  9. So ure just starting this? relly wow how much longer till u relly get this game out 2 more years? if so by then everyone will have forgoten it and hate it trust me ik im relly good at games ive been apart of serval and all require little work because they have beta testers to help them improve them not early versions of it

    1. Sure. and i’m the president of the united states. Now if you’ll excuse me, i have to go space fishing with vladimir lenin, while we discuss the future of the immaculus conception of jesus.

  10. It will be great if you add some bandits in the game
    I mean not only human vs zombie but also human vs human :D

  11. A few suggestions here:
    – Survivors that may not get along. Sometimes, you have to choose one over the other.
    – A country map, where you can reach other cities and where you can send expeditions for ressources or survivors.

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