Rebuild 3: Sketches & a video tour of my office

rebuild3_masaiThe Rebuild: Gangs of Deadsville Kickstarter is ending in just a few days on Halloween!

rebuild3_rufioI’ve been gearing up for the Alpha test which starts next month. This first build will only be available to backers at the $15 level and above, so you’ve only got a few days left to secure your spot if you haven’t already. After that you’ll still be able to preorder on the official site and get into the beta, which will start sometime next year. The game is due for release around May 2014.

rebuild3_gustavSara Gross did some live character sketches on Twitch TV last week. It’s so much fun watching her bring Rebuild characters to life. I know they’re just concept art but I’m so thrilled, I want to use them as loading screens or something in the game.

rebuild3_luddiesAbove is her Masai (nicknamed “Nipple Fist” by watchers) of the Granville Riffs, Young Rufio of St Micheal’s School for Boys, a few interpretations of infamous trader Gustav who also appeared in Rebuild 2, and some ideas for the Luddies. The Luddies are half hippie, half luddite, and make their own clothing out of hemp and goat wool. Sure there’s still plenty on the racks at the local mall, but hand sheared goat wool just feels better.

UI_ResultsMeanwhile Adam’s been busy on the new buildings. Finally the last scraps of my old art (all the way from Rebuild 1) is being banished from the game, though he’s putting in references to some of it. He’s also taking fan suggestions to heart and re-evaluating the scariness of our zombies. It’s all a work in progress folks!

People have been asking how I manage to write games while travelling. The key is we aren’t really “travelling” in the sense of running around doing tourist stuff all day. We just move to another country every 2-3 months and live there like the locals do. We really are in a remote island in Panama right now, which is beautiful and wild and, well, kind of boring, so I’m working long hours and getting a lot done. Colin filmed a little walk around tour of the property we’re staying on:

We’re definitely ready to withstand the zombie apocalypse out here!


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