Word Up Dog: Game Center with AS3

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This bizness be fresh. Take you from some disconnected punk to BAM! - competin' with all yo homeboys, earnin' achievements and shit.
In my last post I lamented not having access native iOS features such Game Center and single sign-on Twitter. Well, Milkman Games has come to the rescue with their Game Center Native Extension for Adobe AIR. Took me less than an hour to pop it in to my FlashDevelop project, connect all the events and go. All in AS3, no Mac or Xcode required. Post scores, view achievements, all that good stuff with minimal effort. They also have an Android AdMob extension and more on the way – valuable tools for running AIR on mobile devices.

I’ve got Word Up Dog now running with Game Center on iPads and iPhone 4+, but I need to test it on the iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch 3+. So this is a call for testers – please sign up to join my Test Flight team if you’ve got any iOS device, and I may recruit you to help me test Word Up Dog, Rebuild, or some future game.

Word Up Dog Sand Level
Sandworms, vines, thievin rabbits. Dawg this hood gonna get isself a makeover.
For anyone who played the old flash version of Word Up Dog, there’s going to be some changes. I’m spicing up the levels with some new terrain and new powerups. I know, it’s no Rebuild, but after writing about zombies for four months I need some cute animals talking in urban slang stereotypes.

Word Up Dog was always meant to be an iOS game, so here we go!


3 thoughts on “Word Up Dog: Game Center with AS3

  1. Hey Sarah,

    I saw you on Milkman Games and I wanted to reach out if you have the time. I first wanted to ask you how you even got Milkman games ANE to work in Flashdevelop, but I looked through your game and your pics and wanted to ask how did you take that step? How did you go indie and what are your ups and downs.

    I’m thinking about walking away from the corporate world and developing my own work professionally, instead of a hobby. It’s nice seeing a woman taking that leap and I wanted to ask.

    Thanks for your time, either way!


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